Hi Everyone,

If one got up in this country and said “Cricket is my life”, it probably doesnt carry much weight as this country is full of cricket fanatics. As they say, it is a religion here and Sachin is god. But still I shall get up and say, “Cricket is my life” and when I am playing cricket, there are very few things in this world that match that joy. I get transformed to a world where Cricket takes centrestage, where that single run makes the entire difference in my life and where winning elicits emotions inside me that probably get matched only by a feeling of being in love with someone. I often go around telling people that I got only two loves in this world and Cricket happens to be one of them. And it was only natural for a cricket fan who loves to write to come up with a blog.

So, here it is, my own cricket blog, my view from the boundary of how the game is shaping up in today’s world, how the actors are playing their parts, how the mighty have fallen and how the world order is changing.

Looking forward to having you on here, till then happy new year as I tick one more box in my little list of to-dos of life.



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