When gods conspire …

April 1, 2011

The stage is set . The stars are aligned . The gods have the box seat . One billion people are chanting . It is the greatest stage in the sport . It is the grandest arena possible . And the game’s finest gladiator awaits . Possibly his final hurrah . Possibly the greatest sign off ever . It is the walk into sunset people dream of . It is the walk into sunset very few are able to make . But this gladiator is a special son of destiny . And he is at his home ground . He is playing for his country . He is playing for the only silverware that eludes him . And he is going to set the ball rolling and hopefully walk into history . Forever . His name as the greatest modern era cricketer is a foregone conclusion . He just might walk out of Wankhede tomorrow as unarguably the greatest cricketer ever . 21 years after he set out on a journey few could have thought of undertaking . 21 years later , he is returning home and the game’s greatest prize awaits him .

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar . Take a bow . It is all yours .