Gayle blows into super 8s, Oz done?

June 6, 2009

When Gayle blew across the Oval, I think what transpired was more than just one loss for the Oz in the league stage.

By blowing the Oz away in 16 overs, he has inflicted a serious blow to their chances of making it to the next stage. Now even if Oz beat Sri Lanka in the next match, they need Sri Lanka to lose to Windies as well because if Sri Lanka win, it will make it to the next round on better run-rate unless ofcourse Oz whip them the same way they suffered at the hands of the Windies, which is seriously unlikely. And ofcourse after today, Windies are through to the next stage unless they press the self destruct button like no one else.

One thing that doesn’t happen in T20 is recover from a blistering knock that lasts more than a few overs because by then the match is pretty much over. And when you got Gayle blowing over the world’s fastest bowler, then one can do pretty little about it.

Australia posted a formidable 170 plus score but Gayle took off like he was chasing 300 and by the time Windies were half way through their overs, they had posted 120 which meant the match was as good as over. One can’t really blame Oz for what happened; no one can do anything when someone like Gayle is in a mood like that but the nature of this tournament leaves very little in Oz’s hands now.

Now all they can do is beat Sri Lanka, which won’t be a cakewalk and then hope Gayle does an encore against Sri Lanka.

It’s been a hot start to the cup, England tottering and now the mighty Aussies hanging by a thread!


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