When no one lost

February 1, 2009

This one is not about cricket but still about two gentlemen who have captured the imagination of the world and honestly, I just had to write about it.

I am happy Rafa won today. 

I am sad Fedex lost today. 

Today, I saw arguably the finest and the most complete tennis player ever to have held a racquet weep on television when the whole world was watching. The man didn’t cry last year after a 9 hour marathon in probably the greatest tennis match the world has ever witnessed. He had been vanquished then at his ‘home’. Today, I think something gave in within. As he said, “God, its killing me”. He was probably left wondering what it would take to beat Rafa again.

The Ice-man wept!

 Even, Rafa couldn’t see the great man cry and gave him a hug and told him how great he was.

Victor and the vanquished! Hand in hand!

I don’t think it happens anywhere else. I don’t think there are many things in this world that evoke emotions the way sports does. It is spine chilling, heart rending and touches you somewhere really deep. You applaud the conquered and hail the conqueror.

That’s sports.

Infact, at times you wonder, does someone really have to win? But that’s why sports is sports. Because someone does win and someone does come second best and that’s the biggest truth of that world.

Last man standing! That is the rule of the jungle!

There are moments etched in my memory which will probably never go away. Klusener in the 1999 cricket world cup semi final! Baggio shooting over the bar in the 1994 world cup final! Massa last year in the grand finale of the F1 world championship! Verdasco, two days back! Roger today! Roger yesterday at the Wimbledon final!

No one lost in all these moments. Someone just came second best. And that’s the beauty of sports.

The loser wins here! And, we salute!